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13 Anti-Chafing Products to Make Your Sweaty Life a Little More Comfortable

Marathon runners and schvitzy folks swear by these creams, sticks, and shorts for a smoother summer.Courtesy of brands/Laneen WellsBeing a

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Breaking Is Officially an Olympic Sport. Here’s How Scoring Will Work at the Summer Games

The Olympics have been going on for a pretty long time now—we’re coming up on the 33rd installment this summer—but

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How Katie Ledecky Is Defining Success for Paris 2024

Katie Ledecky has dominated the pool on the world’s biggest stage for over a decade. But as she writes in

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Caitlin Clark Didn’t Make the Olympic Team, But Says It’s ‘Honestly No Disappointment’

After scoring the most points in NCAA basketball history, becoming the top pick in the WNBA draft, and tying rookie

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How to Safely Exercise When You Have POTS

Physical therapist and strength coach Susie Spirlock, DPT, played sports and exercised her whole life. “I placed a large part

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Old School Cool: The Swaggiest Summer Olympics Uniforms of All Time

You might not be able to score official points for looking fly at the Olympics, but luckily for us spectators,

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But Seriously, How Does Tennis Scoring Work?

The term “all” refers to a tied score. For example, if both players have scored one point each, you’d announce

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